India – Modified or ” Modi “fied ?

About a month ago, there was an article in times of India by Chetan Bhagat about current political scenario in India. He conducted a twitter poll on the topic that If Modi wanted to declare an emergency to completely eliminate corruption, would you support it? The results were really shocking, of nearly 10,000 participants, 57% said they would support such an emergency. Do you think it is wise enough to let go your freedom just for the sake of corruption?Corruption is surely a serious issue but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice democracy for that. Don’t we need rethink on this approach of ours about politics? What do us really need Modified India or ‘Modi’fied India? … More India – Modified or ” Modi “fied ?

‘Demolestation’- Making The Streets Safe…

December 31, 2016…It was new year’s eve everyone at the Brigade road was celebrating new year…And then it happened…An episode which ruined all the fun…An incident by which December 31 can be reviewed as a black day in Indian history for years…An incident which debilitated dignity of 48.16% population of India…Mass molestation in Bengaluru was just a beginning and we can say that as it has happened once …Sociopaths in our country will try to do it again and again…To settle this issue ..We first need to understand why this has happened in the first place? And how the idea of mass molestation came up?It is not the first time that women are molested and harassed publically. It was happened before in Cairo …It was happened before in Cologne…Where this cruel act of mass molestation is treated as a game called ‘Taharrush’. What type of game is this in which women are groped, molested and digitally raped? … More ‘Demolestation’- Making The Streets Safe…

Confronting The Curse of Superstition

Whether the god exists or not is surely a debatable question. Lots of debates and discussions can be held over the existence of god. In India there are two sorts of people, one who do not believe in existence of god, atheists while the others who believe there is a supernatural power which controls all our lives…I am neither atheist nor do I believe in god…For me, god is a concept created by our society…Something to believe in when the hardships are coming and the road is difficult.. Something to fear of when we are falling apart from our moral values… Something to look back after achieving our goal…Something that unites people of different sections irrespective of caste or creed…All in all, for me, god is a source of positive energy and mettle which increases our morale to fight…It need not to be a Murti or a Cross or Dargaah…It is a thing that you believe in for your own good. … More Confronting The Curse of Superstition

Being Cashless….

Demonetisation drive which was earlier started with a motive of eradication of corruption and blackmoney has now changed its track towards ‘cashless society’. After the announcement of ‘ cashless economy ‘ , we were so enthused by the decision taken that we may have neglected some facts which are need to be overlooked before switching to cashless transactions .We never consider ‘cold facts’ , details of implementation and execution while judging the success of a plan or initiative . Battered by the political class that never cared, just good intensions, a bit of initiative and ideas are enough for people like us… … More Being Cashless….

Rethink …Reckon …Rebuild…!!!

We often say ‘India is liberal, socialist and secular nation.’ Are we ‘liberals’ when we take after unforgiving choices made by Khaap Panchayats? Are we ‘progressives’ when we bribe our bureaucrats for our personal benefits? Are we ‘seculars’ when we give generous donations to temples and religious trusts though think for a while to give some money to poor beggars alongside the road? A lot of questions like this can be raised over such actions and it’s our moral responsibility to find out legitimate answers to these. … More Rethink …Reckon …Rebuild…!!!