” You Are The Catalyst Of Change ” is a blog regarding significant issues that India rather world is confronting nowadays. As a matter of fact our mindsets on some of these issues are need to be changed. It would not be a misrepresentation on the off chance that we call this blog as an initiative for the individuals who have faith in change. We attempt to concentrate on current national and worldwide issues that are unfavorably affecting on societal advancement. We are not supporters of any association or gathering. We are the people who get baffled regular in the wake of reading a daily paper brimming with crimes and scams. We are the people who are extremely influenced by rising expansions and expenses, crime rates blasting exponentially and a many other concerns . We are the people who want this issues to be solved ,corruption and counterfeiting to be abolished , honor killings and caste based politics to be eradicated, discriminations to be eliminated. We are average citizens of India and we are done with these litter of politics. This is for our own good and we just have one intention that is to contribute in each conceivable route for changing the views of our society. This blog is only a little attempt started by us . We believe that if our writings made readers to think for some time , it would be an incredible accomplishment for us. In the event that you are really seeking after an change in current circumstance , you should likewise begin contributing in any conceivable manner like blog posts, articles , social work,etc. We couldn’t bear to take a load off and let this dirty politics ruin our country’s future. Come join this drive and Let’s make our country proud.
This is for change…!!!!! This is for India….!!!!! Jai Hind..!!!!!!