India – Modified or ” Modi “fied ?


About a month ago, there was an article in times of India by Chetan Bhagat about current political scenario in India. He conducted a twitter poll on the topic that If Modi wanted to declare an emergency to completely eliminate corruption, would you support it? The results were really shocking, of nearly 10,000 participants, 57% said they would support such an emergency. Do you think it is wise enough to let go your freedom just for the sake of corruption? Corruption is surely a serious issue but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice democracy for that.  These poll results are evident of how ‘Modi’ brand has been established in India in last 4 years. Modi publicised many things like Swachh Bharat, Mann Ki Baat, Demonetisation, Surgical Strike and many others. But how many of you know about the outcomes of these schemes that Modi has introduced lately? The problem with we people is, only fewer people are concerned about the outcomes or rather evaluating work. We people just see these things on TV, Modi is making some new moves and we blindly support him irrespective of its consequences. But the fact is situation has not changed in these 3 years of ‘Modi’ Sarkar.

This whole idea of ‘self-branding‘your work was started with Loksabha elections 2014 where BJP overshadowed almost every political party in India by ‘Modi’ factor.  Success in 2014 elections was all about effective use of social media, publicity and good business skills. BJP ‘Posterized’ Modi as a Saviour of India … A person who will save India like he saved Gujarat…A person who has magic beans to solve all the problems that  India is currently facing.  BJP announced their candidate for Prime Minister Race well before elections and made people believe that they have solutions for all these problems where as congress didn’t have any promising faces  who can turn the  tables for them.   But BJP was not able to win states like Tamilnadu and Bengal as they already have their Amma and Mamata Didi which shows us that 2014 elections was all about ‘Self-branding’ and centralising politics around one person like US presidential elections.

Modi is not a saviour or fortune maker of India … He is a person with witty communication skills and having excellent understanding of mentality of Indian people.  When Modi was branding Gujarat as a most developed state in India, Gujarat was struggling with human resource development and women empowerment.  Modi’s vibrant Gujarat was developed with respect to business by sacrificing all other aspects of human resource management. But how many of us know these things? He said it in rallies, he said it on TV and we believed him. He knows Indian people very well and that’s why he is so popular amongst the youth who mostly get affected by social media and news feeds on Facebook. He knows if you publicize your work then people will not think of the consequences of your decisions, they will just support you and this was his policy all the time. He publicized each and every thing that he has done in such a way that people think he is surely doing something great. But this is so not true.

It’s not like decisions taken by him was exclusively his idea and was taken never before.  He publicized ‘demonetisation’ drive and became a hero amongst youths. But how many you know that demonetisation earlier done by Indian government and in a more effective way than this? Yes… it was in 1978 when Morarji desai government demonetised 5000 and 10000 rs notes in order to eradicate black money. It was really well planned and no one was suffered by cash crunch during this time whereas the demonetisation drive in 2016 was more of a hasty decision and then we all know how much we have suffered in those 2 months. Surgical strikes was again a crucial topic when Modi was praised a lot for his brave decisions. The fact is surgical strikes are always a matter of confidentiality and no one knows about it other than higher officials and government. This was not the first time that Indian soldiers have crossed the borders, it is done often to control the actions of intruders across the border. But this time Modi publicized it for the sake of fame without thinking of its consequences. The result of this announcement is here: After Modi announced about the surgical strike there were frequent terrorist attacks and ceasefire violations in J &K more than of any time in J&K history. These were not terrorist attacks…these were not for J&K… these were “pseudo surgical strikes” of Pakistani army on India in response to surgical strike. Modi should have seen it coming before openly announcing about the surgical strikes.

Winter session of Loksabha in 2016 was the most unsuccessful and disordered winter session of all time.  Lalkrishna Adwani , senior member of BJP too described his concerns about loksabha functioning at that time.  Opposition wanted Modi to clarify their doubts about demonetisation and Modi was preferring international tours over Loksabha.  This is the same Modi who kissed the steps of Loksabha and took oath about its functioning while entering first time in parliament. This is how politicians and their priorities change over the years. Our PM has a fond of criticizing our former Prime Minister Manmohan singh and making fun of him. There are number of trolls about him on internet today calling him mouni baba and puppet. But how many of us know his contribution in Indian economy and international relations? His firm stand on the nuclear deal between America and India was almost irreplaceable by anyone. Also when the whole world was suffering from economic recession, Dr. Singh predicted this situation well before and thus India was prepared  that’s why we were not hit by this severe recession. The only mistake Dr Singh made was he didn’t brand himself like I have done this much and didn’t post anything on social network or radio. So we people should not judge his contribution and troll him for his silent nature. Centralizing powers to one person is not a thing that democracy desires. All of us knew the fate of tamilnadu after the sad demise of jayalalitha. Tamilnadu is now politically unstable with its CM changing every another day.  In democracy we should blindly follow a single person without knowing the facts, this may lead to dictatorship if the leader enjoys insane amount of support and that would be death of democracy.

This article must be somewhat bitterly to hard core Modi fans but this side of Modi’s must be seen before supporting him blindly for every reason. He has surely taken some excellent decisions during his tenure as prime minister but that doesn’t mean he is a vigilante or something.  I am not related to any political party or from left or right wing. I am just a citizen of India who is closely watching the ‘Modi’ politics since May 2014 without being emotional or sentimental. I am not opposing Modi here, I am just opposing our attitude about making an opinion without having proper knowledge about the situation. Social media is never a reliable source to make your opinion about something and nowadays politicians use social media as an effective weapon for self-branding and to polarise the opinions of voters.  Don’t we need rethink on this approach of ours about politics? What do us really need Modified India or ‘Modi’fied India?

9 thoughts on “India – Modified or ” Modi “fied ?

  1. Dear, It’s true that no outcome yet came but it doesn’t mean he is not working…
    “Easier said than done”..
    He has responsibility of billion people & many difficulties also..
    All apposition parties have tied up just for stopping modi…
    Did you notice in these years …any apposition party took any such move which could be in the favour of public..
    I say no…
    All parties are just famished for powerful designation…
    I am amazed …some parties are supported terrorists & anti national elements & just bowing to such people…
    Modi ji dared to work & in these years nothing such happened which we declare a poor performance..
    Yes this is absolutely correct..modi ji is carrying a burden of expectations..
    He is trying his best & people still have faith on him..
    We must give him time because he is only right candidate who can shoulder his responsibility & bring bright results…
    I Don’t see any leader right now who is able to replace him & honestly say please don’t irk me by taking name of Rahul Gandhi & Arvind Kejriwal..
    Jai Hind….
    A true indian …

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