Rethink …Reckon …Rebuild…!!!


Few days back , there was an article in ‘The Hindu’ about impeachment of South Korean president Park  Geun-Hye due to allegations of debasement and money extortion from MNCs. It was all started by a mere public protest held by a bunch of pioneers on the streets of Seoul. A public protest can be a cause of  impeachment of president, we can say  the democracy has inevitably won in South Korea. This motivated me to think about the current scenario in our India. If a small nation like South Korea can pull over such a win against the battle of corruption, why can’t we? Do you recall any such punitive action taken by Indian government after serious accusations of corruption? Was there any ‘people power’ protests for the scams like Bofors , 2G- Spectrum or even Coal scam? Do we even know what happened to the people who laundered hundreds of crores and plundered our nation?

When such a scam is exposed in our country, what we simply do is to wait for a CAG report to estimate how much money was laundered, read the daily newspaper briefings about scams and talk about them among ourselves like a political scientist. If we can do riotous protests for reservation and our religions, Why can’t we at least collectively protest about these scams and corruptions? The reason of all these lies within the mindsets of our society. Wherever we see profits for the individuals we dissent and when it comes to betterment of our country we say ,” Just let other people handle this issues..” This laid-back attitude from  us worsens the situation. These reaction , this  attitude need to be changed and this blog here is just a small effort to make a difference…

What is ‘ Rethink..Reckon..Rebuild’?

This blog is started with a motive of making some contribution by my side in changing or rather modifying views of our society. It is of greatest importance how we see events happening around us. In the event that this perspective can be changed, half of our work is done.

We often say  ‘India is liberal, socialist and secular nation.’ Are we ‘liberals’ when we take after unforgiving choices made by Khaap Panchayats? Are we ‘progressives’ when we bribe our bureaucrats for our personal benefits? Are we ‘seculars’ when we give generous donations to temples and religious trusts though think for a while to give some money to poor beggars alongside the road? A lot of questions like this can be raised over such actions and it’s our moral responsibility to find out legitimate answers to these. I think we should have a habit of reckoning our actions regarding these social issues. We should ask ourselves “What’s our role in molding the fate our country?”  I am not saying that you should totally get involved in social work like a devotee, I am trying to say a little exertion from our side can really change the context of current situation.

Just like I said before,” We are the pioneers of modern India.” Do we need our country to be entangled in corruption, communalism and factionalism? Now is the time to rethink on our conservative mindsets, reckon our activities and rebuild our nation. We have to give up our ‘Let other people handle it’ attitude and put out heart and soul to this effort. There is a famous quote by M.K. Gandhi ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ and I think we should be the reason for that change to occur.

I am no great writer or blogger and I am not writing this for a change or transformation to happen. I write this blog for myself, to express my feelings. After a few years, there will be a situation when I have to ask myself, “What have you done for your country?” At that time I can look up to this blog and say, “Man…At least I prominently tried to make a difference….”

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